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How do I get started with World of Haiku?

How to download, install, and start using the free World of Haiku demo

Step 1: Download the installation file

Installer for Mac

MAC OS logo - Free computer icons

Click on the Apple icon or download it from this (link)

Installer for Windows

Windows logo (png icon) black

Click on the Microsoft icon or download it from this (link)


Step 2: Locate and launch the installation file

MAC OS logo - Free computer icons
Instructions for Mac

Locate the launcher.dmg file and double click the file to begin installation.

Click and drag the Haiku Homebase icon into your Applications folder.

Open your Applications folder and launch Haiku Homebase by double clicking Application.


Windows logo (png icon) black
Instructions for Windows

Find the web_installer file where you saved it and double-click to begin installation.

Choose the desired installation location. Then click Install.

Once installed, click Finish.

Haiku Homebase should launch automatically. 


Step 3: Log in or sign up for a Haiku account

Tip: If you already have a Haiku account, logging in with those credentials will connect your World of Haiku and Haiku Pro accounts. If you don't have a Haiku account yet, click on the "SIGN UP" tab (to the right of the "LOG IN" tab).


You're in!


Step 4. Navigate to the Demo screen

Click on the World of Haiku icon with the "DEMO" badge.


Tip: If you're having a hard time locating the icon, you can also click on the button on the bottom left corner of the screen to expand the side menu.

Find the 'Expand Menu' button on the bottom left corner of the screen and click on it:

After that it is easier to identify and select the Demo:







Step 5: Install the free World of Haiku demo. 

Click the "INSTALL" button to begin installing the Demo. The game will automatically launch when installation is complete. 


Step 6: One final log in with your Haiku credentials

Tip: The game will take over your screen. If you need to navigate away from the game you can use keyboard commands to minimize it.

Mac: [Command] + [Tab]  
Windows: [Alt] + [Tab]